What is included in the price package?

The 11-Day Vietnam package tour of $2,500 includes:

– Bikes, spare parts and all fuel (Honda CRF250L or/and Kawasaki KLX250)
– English speaking guide with his own bike: He can help you repair/translate and he’s also mechanic (three in one!)
– Vietnam Visa Approval Letter
– Accommodation: standard hotels or home-stay in the local house
– Meal: As mentioned in itinerary
– Third party motorbike insurance
– All food (Vietnamese food, Western food costs extra)
– All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, bamboo rafts, etc
– Vietnamese tea, mineral water
– Vietnam Dirt bike Travel team provides support. We are with you along the way
–  Airport pick-up
– Chase pick-up truck Mitsubishi Triton which will follow you all trip and carry all of your luggage, wet gears, spare parts, etc

Note: Additional US$20/day/rider if you want to use Yamaha WR250R year 2012-2016 or pay less US$15/day/rider if you want to use Yamaha XTZ125cc.

Not included:
– Airport transfer
– Personal expenses, personal medical insurance
– Drinks other than tea and local rice wine
– Motorbike protection pants, armor, jacket, boots
– Train or flight tickets before and after your tour
– Breakfast on the departure day and dinner on the return day
– Accommodation and food in Hanoi
– Tips.

However, depending on the special requests of our customers, the inclusion and exclusion may change. Therefore, we always provide our customers with the itinerary together with the specific inclusion and exclusion.

What type of payment method you accept?

We only accept US$ payment by check in the mail. If you’re located outside the U.S. please check the currency exchange conversion.
Make check payable to: Damon Powell
785 Tucker Rd Ste G PMB 182
Tehachapi, CA 93561

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 50% or $1,250.

How do I sign-up?

Everyone has to follow our sign-up procedure (no exception).


*STEP 1* Apply for a passport and a visa.

*STEP 2* Sign-up using the entry form here.

                   Do not sign-up if you have not completed Step 1.

*STEP 3* Read our Frequently Asked Questions page in it’s entirety.

*STEP 4* Mail your Entry Deposit check (USD$ 1,250).
Make US $ check payable to Damon Powell.  Include a copy of your passport.\

What Should I bring

– International driving license (not required)
– Travel insurance
– Protection gears: Full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, body armour, boots, motorcycle jacket and pants
– Rain jacket and pants
– Balaclava: help you warm in winter
– Water-proof bag
– Other personal necessary things

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, if you can make sure that your bike can work well even in the hard terrain and in bad weather. And you can fix it if there is any problem on the way.

Where will I stay?

Most of the places in our tour program you will stay in standard hotels, and even 3 star hotels in some touristy places such as Sapa, Lang Son, or provinces in the Middle and the South of Vietnam. However, in some remote places in the North where hotel service is unavailable, you will overnight in home-stay with local people. We will be welcome by very friendly hosts and enjoy many delicious dishes cooked by the local. Sure, home-stay is always a highlight of our motorbike tour North Vietnam.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend you do. For theft, illness, loss or damage to your personal property.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We have $100 cancellation fee (admin fee).

Where do I apply for a visa?

For Vietnam rides, there are only 2 Consulate offices in the U.S. located in San Francisco and Washington D.C.  You can apply for a visa in person or by mail. Please check the Consulate website for more info.

Where do I apply for a passport?

You can get a passport at your local city hall.

Safety Rules | Road Rules


In Vietnam, it is common to use horn when joining traffic, so it is not impolite when you do it. Most citizens use their horns when they want to pass you or turn into an out of sight curve. So, please do not hesitate to use horns when riding in our country.

However, local people living in the mountainous region of Vietnam rarely use turn signals when turning although it is illegal. Therefore, please concentrate when joining traffic in this region so that you will not be surprised when someone turns suddenly without any signal.


It’s a common occurrence where riders needs to cross a river.

If you are a novice rider to cross a river, please carefully check the depth of the river and the obstacles beneath the surface if the water is clear enough. Then, choose the most suitable way to ride through. If the force of the water that flows through you is too powerful, please carefully ride on the bias to cross-flow of upstream.


Like the other countries, all means of transportation are restricted the speeds when taking part in traffic in Vietnam. To motorbikes, the speed limit when riding inside the town is under 30 mph and under 40 mph outside. In addition, at the beginning and the end of each town, there are always many signs announcing that you are arriving and leaving towns. And also there are many other limited speed signs on the way that you have to obey. Please do not be surprised when you see limited speed sign of 50 mph and 10 mph only far from each other just a few dozen meters. It is Vietnam traffic style.

If you take part in our Vietnam motorbike tour, simple rules has to obeyed – follow your tour leader.


When doing our Vietnam motorbike tour, you should not ride before the tour leader on a National Road. However, when riding into the trail, you can ride as fast as you want if the tour leader allows you to do so. But, please be well-noted that:

  • If you see and think that no one’s riding beside, before or after you accept your companions, so do the local. And of course, they will ride very fast. They ride without using horns, turn signals and no observation. Sometimes, they ride when they are drunk. Also, cattle and poultry are also very friendly with riders and sometimes, they run to me suddenly. So, please ride carefully and focused, do not ride too fast and try to keep the distance and reduce the speed when you see the turns, crossroad or something can jump out from somewhere.
  • Always stop to wait for the tour leader and other companions when you see the t-junction, crossroad or any turn that you do not know they will lead to where.


We sometimes fall into these bad cases like that.

If you get lost, of course it is very rare to happen, please do not be afraid because you are riding in a very safe country and the locals are very friendly. Moreover, remember that you are riding with tour leader and he is trained to solve this situation. Do not cry because we can not hear that for we are very far from you and busy for reaching you. So, please keep calm and do as below:

  • Turn back to the point that you think you got lost from there. We will come back to take you of course.
  • After 1 hour, if no one comes back, that means you did not come back at the right place. So, please think again and ride to any place nearer the starting point where you can find it more familiar with you. If it is still not correct, please borrow cell phone from the local to contact us or ask them to talk with us to identify the place you are standing.


We think that it only happens when you are riding on-road and it is very dangerous because there are so many people joining traffic with you. So please tell the tour leader that you want to have a short rest. A snap of 10 minutes, a cold drink or a cup of tea will help you regain alertness. Please always remember that DO NOT RIDE WHEN YOU FEEL SLEEPY.


Remember that no alcohol when joining traffic. If you drink too much, you will loose your control. If you drink just a little bit, you will feel sleepy. Please be alert when riding, beer is for evening only.